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Home Practice
by posted 11/04/2020

On off-days, do 1hr at home practice for off days.

1/2hr conditioning: 1mile run, 3x10each (pushup,situp,squat jumps), wall sit 60sec

1/2hr ball work: see you tube links for 3 drills.

- Sixes, Vitamins, Elbow Shot, Mikan





10min stretch at end: arms and legs


if practice with a buddy, practice 

Pick & roll then Pick & pop



Log your workouts on paper/ phone to bring to practice


were you able to complete drill? 

How many makes vs # of shots?



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Outdoor Practice
by posted 10/25/2020

Update for Orange level: outdoor (and indoor) will be "drills and skills" 

Outdoor practices are Monday and Wednesdays at 4pm MT for October and November.

- Run, shoot, offense, defense (shell & closeout), run and stretch

- With snow / icy conditions: Stick to court & conditioning


I will send notice through system if practice is cancelled.

Feel free to text me day of practice if not clear: 303-859-3348 (mobile)

Coach Jim



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by posted 10/15/2020

Hello Parents,


Welcome to last year before High School, wow…, I am sad and excited all at once. I reached out to Chatfield head coach Erik Buehler, and he shared a few words to kickoff this season: “defense, transition, and effort are the main cornerstones of our program. Control the controllable when you practice and play (effort, focus, toughness, respect).” We will have fun this year with the hopes that all the players love the game, grow as a player, be a better teammate and beat the other 8th grade team in our division! 


We will focus on transitioning skills into the game at game speed. For this season, because the league is not currently providing indoor practice options our plan is to offer outdoor sessions at local parks and potential indoor time on Sundays for $4 per hour per player when weather is bad.  We also plan to put together a practice plan for players to do on off (non-practice) days, which will include conditioning, drills and trying to find teammates to play pick-up games with.  We’re hopeful that the league will find some indoor practice locations at some point and will keep you updated as the season moves on.  


To stay up on the latest events, log into our team page:



Please feel free to reach out to me if you have questions, areas of strengths/weakness for your player, or need any clarification as prepare for season and look forward to HS tryouts next Fall.  Practice will begin this Sunday October 18th and our league games are scheduled to begin on Nov 16th. There is an optional 3 game pre-season tournament for extra fee ($340/team at $42.50/player) on Nov 12-14.


Best Regards,

Jim Russell, Coach

Emily Bayton, Assistant Coach


Jim’s contact info:

Text: 303-859-3348


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