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2021-2022 Season

If you are willing to accept your position, I need you to do two things:

1. Please email Jacquie Pearson at jacquiepearson@yahoo.com and accept your position.

2.  Make payment in full if you have not.  Log in, Edit my account under HOME tab and make payment.

3.  Everyone needs to order a new jersey because the jerseys from last year were discontinued. Jersey Link


6th Cardinal   Level Jeffco A
    Coach Henshaw
Henshaw Rowan    
Holloway Chase    
Wells Jaxon    
Stuhr Keegan    
Hubbell Nash    
Jones Brigham    
Rohlman Luke    
Salvato Vincent    
Harmon Brady    
Hughes Cam    
6th Black   Level Jeffco A
    Coach Carter
Carter Kash    
Elward Ryan    
Miro Joey    
Gale Greyson    
Knudsen Tate    
Bahl Nick    
Zeller Flynn    
Smith Brenden    
Doberstein Asher    
Morrow Tru    
6th White   Level Jeffco B
    Coach TBD
Beich Spencer    
Sawyer Ellis    
Guevara Alexander    
Guevara Christopher    
Morris Landon    
Prinzi Evan    
Ryan Micah    
6th Grey   Level Jeffco B
    Coach TBD
Brusven Reid    
Finch Conner    
Brayden Hilgers    
Taylor Colton    
Williams Oliver    
Mitchell Hugh    
7th Cardinal   Level Jeffco Gold Gold Crown Gold
    Coach Owston
Aukland Braylon    
Liedtke Daniel    
Joshnson Ashton    
Runyan Van    
Fedderson Nolan    
Frederick Troy    
Shefte Chris    
Heath Carson    
Klebba Mason    
7th Black   Level Jeffco A
    Coach TBD. Let me know if you are interested in coaching
Gallegos Phoenix    
Harbaugh Tyler    
Harker Rudd    
Hobart Luke    
Johnson Jacob    
Ruszowski Griffin    
Parker James    
Wilkes Owen    
8th Cardinal   Level Jeffco A and Silver Crown
    Coach Hart
Bright London    
Dixion Taye    
Hart Zane    
Hubbell Graham    
Rocque Stetson    
Rohlman Willaim    
Stange Taylor    
Colley Brady    
Lecciso Charlie    
Meinart Ian    
Truman Jasper    
8th Black   Level Jeffco B
    Coach TBD. Let me know if you are interested in coaching
Barber Caden    
Black Brandon    
Guider Cameron    
Guider Will    
McCord Reid    
Reeves Jaxon    
Sirhall James    
Nash Kellen    
Kaleb Holzhuter